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Sorted first by ship, then in progress or complete, and then alphabetically under that. But when the plans suddenly change, Rachel and Santana are forced to get closer than they ever, ever wanted to. Or even… Become something more? Born This Way As Rachel Berry grew up, she began to realize that she was sharing her life with someone. Someone whose pain she could feel, whose emotions would affect hers. Someone she had no hope of knowing who they were. Not really. Not when Rachel enters her second phase and inadvertently comes out to the glee club. In progress. Add in a sexually charged song and choreography, and oh how the sparks fly.

Rachel from glee dating

She had to get use to it but now she’s happy that Brittany has somebody that she loves. Brittany and Quinn were in California Visiting Quinn’s older sister who was getting married soon since it’s summer. Finn is going to Stanford for football and writing, Kurt is older then Finn and he’s almost done at Julliard in New York.

It had been just over a month since Santana and Rachel had started dating and, so far, things were going really smoothly. To her credit.

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Genre: AU, Smut Spoilers: just the second season. Word Count: 1, Beta: Stefanie and Amy. Threesomes ensue. Disclaimer: not mine. If I owned glee things would be a lot different.

Santana-Sam Relationship

Santana Lopez walked into Breadstix to see Rachel Berry sitting in a booth by herself. Looking around the restaurant, she saw that if she wanted to get seated anytime soon, she either had to sit with Rachel or at Finn, Quinn, Brittany and Artie’s table. After standing at the table without acknowledgement, she cleared her throat.

I’d rather eat with you. Santana shook her head.

“Hey.” Santana said, dropping a kiss on her girlfriend. Rachel grinned and laid her forehead on Santana’s shoulder. “You looked deep in thought.

Rachel Berry rushed into the glee club classroom the following day and sat down next to her cute gay best friend, Kurt Hummel. Over the next week, Santana kept on throwing up and got confirmation that she was pregnant by a pregnancy test. Quinn Fabray goes on holiday with her friends from the glee club to Antalya, Turkey and there she meets a tall, dark, and handsome Turkish man named Efe Gulcan and quickly falls in love and decides to stay.

But Quinn soon discovers that his family is part of a mafia gang and Efe has a temper. Puck was just in the boys’ locker room after football practice with his best friend, Finn Hudson, when the door opened and the feisty and sexy Santana Lopez walked in wearing her red and white cheerleading uniform. Santana placed her hands on her slender hips. Finn looked embarrassed and hurt.

He turned back to Puck. He looked at her with a serious expression. What’s going on?

The proposal – a Pezberry fanfiction

The first few chapters are the one-shots that I have already written. I want to keep all of my one-shots together. Declarations of Love one-shots will be together in Declarations of Love. Opposites Attract one-shots will be together in Opposites Attract. All other one-shots will be together in this new collection of one-shots Together Forever.

Rachel Berry waited behind the school near the practically empty student parking lot.

Fanfic Ficlet. Prompt: “Quinn and Rachel telling the Glee club they’re dating.” “I heard that, Fabray,” Santana shot over her shoulder, flipping Quinn off as she.

Do you believe that things that are meant to be will be no mater what happens in between? Santana believes she and Rachel are endgame—even if they are dating some blondes. And she finally feels like she is slowly becoming a normal person again. But what happens when she meets someone who turns her world upside down and she has to face the demons of her past that she thought she left behind?

Somewhat AU. Pezberry Fanfiction. Because we need a place just for us. This will be a mix of my recommendations, submissions and my fanfictions. So if there are stories that you love or fanfics you wanna request, make sure to submit them.

Santana Lopez

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we can roll our eyes at Glee’s bullshit and say, “There is no way that Santana Lopez would ever during Season Two as she breaks off from Santana and begins to date Artie. But once Rachel and Santana graduate and Brittany doesn’t? Now, back to fanfiction, where our girls have some truly awesome friendships and.

It had been just over a month since Santana and Rachel had started dating and, so far, things were going really smoothly. To her credit, Santana had mostly stopped making fun of Rachel. It still happened once in a while, but the tone of the teasing had become much more playful and, to be honest, Rachel didn’t really mind it. Rachel, for her part, was becoming much more confident in her ability to stand up to bullying.

Granted, she hadn’t been slushied since Santana had made it crystal clear to the entire McKinley population that it wasn’t to happen ever again. But, if something happened behind Santana’s back, Rachel was pretty sure she could handle it herself. Surprisingly, Santana hadn’t wanted to hide their relationship. In fact, the day after they had made it official, Santana went up to Rachel in the cafeteria, kissed her soundly, and then walked to grab a tray with a smirk on her face. Rachel blushed and looked around the table at the rest of the Glee club, trying to gauge their reactions.

After a moment of processing, Puck high fived Rachel and conversation picked up normally. Brittany, however, did not look happy. As Santana came back to the table with her food, the blonde sighed, got up, and walked away. After a few weeks, Santana and Rachel had become fairly inseparable. Santana would pick Rachel up from school and carry her books to each class.

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Disclaimer: Not mine. In a slight daze, Santana stares after Rachel, or more specifically, her legs before it occurs to her that it wasn’t really settled. Santana and Rachel have been secretly dating for almost six months. Santana is worried about her reputation and Rachel is surprisingly okay with the secrecy. Santana assumes she’s building some elaborate romantic fantasy out of it. Whatever keeps her happy.

Rating: PG Length: ish Pairing: Rachel/Santana Summary: Santanas graduating but there is only one person she Fanfiction- Glee: If You Ask Me How I’m Doing. Had to push back my graduation date twice. I think.

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